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Friday, 10 October 2008

SAP PM Maintenance Processing

Chapter 6: Deleting Maintenance Notifications

You may want to delete one or more entered maintenance notifications (for example, because the malfunction reported is covered by another malfunction report or because an activity report was inadvertently entered twice). This section describes how you delete maintenance notifications in the PM system.

You cannot delete a maintenance notification directly in dialog mode. Instead, you set a deletion flag in the maintenance notification, which informs the system that this maintenance notification can be deleted. Under future releases, an archiving program will be started in your company at certain intervals. This program will check the maintenance notifications with deletion flags, then convert the deletion flags to deletion indicators and finally delete them from the database and copy them to an archive.

Before you delete a maintenance notification, you should make sure that it is no longer needed. Once a maintenance notification has a deletion flag it can no longer be changed; it can only be displayed. It has the statuses Deletion fllag activated and Completed. The individual tasks for the notification are also flagged for deletion when you set the deletion flag in the notification header.
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