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Friday, 10 October 2008

SAP PM Maintenance Processing

Chapter 3: Putting a Maintenance Notification in Process


The expression "put in process" has two meanings in the PM System. Which of these is relevant for you depends on whether or not maintenance order processing is used by your company.

Put in Process without Order Processing

If maintenance order processing is not active in your company, you cannot create an order for a maintenance task. Since the order is missing as a means of documenting the work processing, the maintenance notification must contain documentation that the planning stage is finished and the tasks are now being or should be carried out. To do this, you put the maintenance notification into process, in other words, you carry out the function "put in process", thereby giving the maintenance notification the status "in process".

Put in Process with Order Processing Active

If maintenance order processing is active in your company, the maintenance task requested in a maintenance notification can only be planned in detail and carried out once a maintenance order exists for it which has been allocated to the maintenance notification.

In this context, to "put in process" means that the maintenance notification registered has been passed or processed in some manner by a maintenance planner, who carries out the function "put in process". This gives the maintenance notification the status "in process", recording the fact that someone has already taken over the further processing of the maintenance notification.

The status "in process" is not compulsory in active maintenance order processing. A maintenance notification can also be created and then allocated to a maintenance order.

Putting a Maintenance Notification in Process: Procedure

To put a maintenance notification in process, carry out the following four steps:

  1. Call up the notification in change mode (see Selecting a Maintenance Notification for Changes).
  2. In the initial screen, select the notification header. You see the screen Change PM Notification: .
  3. Select Notification ® Functions ® Put in process. In the field Status you will now see abbreviation for the status "in process".
  4. Save the change.

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