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Friday, 10 October 2008

SAP PM Maintenance Processing

Chapter 07: Completing Maintenance Notifications

Requirements for Completing a Maintenance Notification

You should only complete a maintenance notification once it has been processed completely. This means that all the

  1. data relating to the reference object of the maintenance notification has been entered and is correct.
  2. relevant item data has been entered and is correct.
  3. relevant task data has been entered and is correct.
  4. tasks have been completed or released; there are no more notifications outstanding.
  5. technical data relating to machine breakdown and availability has been entered and is correct.

The history can only be compiled in such a way that it can be used for future evaluations, once the maintenance notifications contain this data.

Consequences of Completing a Maintenance Notification

When you complete a maintenance notification, the following occurs:

  1. The reference time is determined. The system bases it on the data in the maintenance notification, but you can overwrite it. The reference time is the date and time at which the maintenance notification is listed in the history with the location and account assignment data valid specifically for the reference object.
  2. The system enters the maintenance notification in the history with the exact location and account assignment data that was valid for the reference object at the reference time.
  3. The maintenance notification is now blocked for changes, in other words, you can no longer change the notification data.

Completing a Maintenance Notification

There are two ways to complete a maintenance notification:

  1. Complete it directly with the change function (see Completing a Maintenance Notification Directly )
  2. Complete it from the order to which it is assigned (see Completing the PM Notification from the Order )

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