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Friday, 24 October 2008

Order Processing in the PM System – Overview (Part-6)


What Happens During Order Settlement?

During settlement, the costs collected on the maintenance order are passed on to the receiver specified in the settlement rule for that order.

The receiver will invariably be an object in accounting, for example the cost center for a functional location, the fixed asset to which the piece of equipment is allocated, or the main order used to monitor the work carried out under several minor maintenance orders.

This receiver is identified using

  1. receiver type for example, "cost center"
  2. a key for the receiver, for example, “511”

Preconditions for Order Settlement

The following requirements must be met before you can settle a maintenance order:

  1. The order must be released.
  2. The order must have status "Settlement rule created".
  3. The order should have incurred costs which have not yet been settled.

Settlement Receiver Types

The receiver of the costs of a maintenance order is usually independent of the reference object, which merely provides a proposal.

Receiver Types

The following receiver types are always available:

  1. cost center
  2. fixed asset
  3. project
  4. order
  5. G/L account

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