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Friday, 24 October 2008

Order Processing in the PM System – Overview (Part-4)

Planning in the PM Order

Planning in the PM Order - Overview

The maintenance tasks that are to be carried out at a technical object often require detailed advance planning, in order to minimize the time that the object is not productive.

Planning a maintenance task as accurately as possible enables the employees on site to carry it out in a specific and efficient manner. This is extremely important in the case of objects which cause bottlenecks and may lead to a shutdown when they are out of order.

This section covers the following topics on planning in maintenance orders:

  1. Work Scheduling With Operations and Sub-Operations
  2. Work Scheduling with Sub-Orders
  3. Material Planning
  4. Permits
  5. Estimating Costs
  6. Budget Management
  7. Estimating Planned Costs
  8. Settlement Rule
  9. Operation Networking Using Relationships
  10. Scheduling

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