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Friday, 10 October 2008

SAP PM Maintenance Processing

Chapter 4: Allocating a Maintenance Notification to an Order


For detailed planning and execution of a maintenance task you need a maintenance order. In the PM system this can either be an order for a single maintenance notification or one for several notifications. For example, there are cases where several defects at the piece of equipment are to be repaired during a particular maintenance schedule, or where a particular maintenance operation is to be carried out on objects connected in series on a particular date.

Detailed information on order processing is provided in
PM Maintenance Orders. However, you will also find a short description of the link between maintenance notifications and maintenance orders in Link Between Maintenance Notification and Maintenance Order.

Allocating a Maintenance Notification to a Maintenance Order

If you want to allocate a notification to an order which does not yet exist in the system, proceed in one of the following two ways:

  1. You create an order from the maintenance notification, but do not branch to it. The order is created in the background using the existing maintenance notification data. You access this function with the menu option Create. Option 1: Creating a New Order
  1. You create an order from the maintenance notification and branch to it in order to continue processing it immediately. You access this function with the menu option Create/notification. Option 2: Creating a New Order for the Notification

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