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Friday, 24 October 2008

Order Processing in the PM System – Overview (Part-5)

Confirmation and Completion

This section covers the following topics:

  1. Central confirmation function, For information on confirming maintenance orders and their operations, entering measurement and counter readings, the technical confirmation and material usage, see The Central Confirmation Function.
  2. Independent entry of measurement readings and counter readings, For information on measurement readings and counter readings that you can enter independently of the central infirmation function, see Entering Independent Measurement Readings and Counter Readings.
  3. Independent technical confirmation, For information on entering the technical confirmation independently of the central confirmation function, sees Independent Technical Confirmation.
  4. Independent entry of materials used, For information on entering the materials used for a maintenance order independently of the central confirmation function, using inventory control, see Independent Material Usage.
  5. Display of actual costs, For information on displaying the actual costs incurred by the Confirmations for a maintenance order, see Displaying Actual Costs.
  6. Order completion, For information on completing an order, see Maintenance Order Completion.

Confirmation Data

Using the central confirmation function, you can enter the following data:

  1. Time Data
  2. Material Usage
  3. Measurement and Counter Readings
  4. Technical Confirmation Data

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