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Friday, 24 October 2008

Order Processing in the PM System – Overview (Part-2)

Data Groups in the PM Order

This section describes the data groups in the maintenance order, their functions and contents. It covers

  1. Header Data
  2. Location and Account Assignment Data
  3. Object Data
  4. Cost and Settlement Data
  5. Operation Data
  6. Administrative Data and Control Parameters

Header Data

Header data is information which is used to identify and manage the maintenance order and applies to the whole order. Header data is contained in the header of every maintenance order and comprises:

  1. number , description and type of order
  2. schedule dates for order execution, priority of the task, allocation to a revision
  3. Reference object (see Object Data.)
  4. administrative data

1. name of the person who created and last changed the maintenance order

2. dates the order was created and last changed

  1. maintenance activity type
  2. regular maintenance data

Location and Account Assignment Data

The system copies the location data and the default account assignment from the master record of the reference object; this is valid for the entire maintenance order:

Location: data this describes where the functional location or the equipment is sited within the

Account assignment data: this specifies the account to which the maintenance costs are normally to be debited. It is proposed from the master record of the reference object and can be changed when you maintain the first settlement rule for the order.

Object Data

As a rule, a maintenance order refers to one or more objects, where the term "object" can mean

Cost and Settlement Data

This data tells you:

  1. the planned and actual costs in the value categories for this order
  2. whether the costs are to be settled to a cost center, an asset, an order or a project
  3. which cost elements are relevant for the order
  4. which key figures from the Plant Maintenance Information System are updated using the value categories, and how these key figures are updated by the actual order costs

Operation Data

Using operations, you describe the work to be done when carrying out the maintenance order. Operations can be subdivided into sub-operations.

Operation data can be subdivided into the following three groups:

  1. data contained in both operations and sub-operations
  2. data contained only in operations
  3. data contained only in sub-operations

Administrative Data and Control Parameters

The administrative data and control parameters of a maintenance order contain the following information:

  1. Administrative data
  2. Profiles
  3. Parameters
  4. Planning indicator

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