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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Listening to MP3 Files in Your Car

You can play MP3 files from your home stereo, from your computer, and from a portable player using headphones. But MP3 is still a relative newcomer in the world of car audio.

If your car's audio system doesn't recognize MP3 music discs, consider these less expensive workarounds:

* Use a cassette player adapter. If your car has a cassette player, check out a CD-to-Cassette Player adapter. It looks like a cassette tape with a stereo cable hanging from one end. Plug the cable into your portable MP3 player's headphone jack, insert the cassette, and start listening to your MP3s through your car stereo. It sounds amazingly good - well, at least compared to the road noise.

* Use a wireless FM adapter. Plug the cable from an FM transmitter into your portable MP3 player. Then tune your car's FM radio to the right frequency and listen to your MP3s. Unfortunately, sound quality varies because of local interference, and you're dependent on the batteries that power your wireless adapter.


* Buy a car stereo with a CD Input jack. Some car stereos lack a CD player. Instead, they have a CD Input jack. Plug a 1/8-inch stereo cable between this jack and your portable MP3 player to hear MP3s through your car's stereo system.

* Burn MP3 songs onto a CD in audio format. Does your car have a CD player? Then convert your MP3 songs back into standard CD audio format and copy them to a CD. You can't fit more than a dozen onto the CD, but at least you can hear them.

* Connect a portable MP3 player to amplified speakers. Take some amplified speakers - like the ones that come with your PC - and plug a portable MP3 player into them. Carry it all to your car and start listening. To change songs, just swap new cards in and out of the portable player.

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