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Saturday, 17 May 2008

SAP SD Configuration Preview

SAP Sales Enterprise Structure Config

Define sales organization

· Define sales office

· Define sales area

· Assign sales org. to company code

Assign sales office to sales area

Assign Sales office to plant

Enterprise structure LE definition and Assignment

Define document type

Define item categories

Define and assign schedule line categories

Maintain copy control and many more...

SAP SD Pricing and Taxes

Define condition table

Define access sequence

Define payment terms

Define and assign pricing procedure

Condition exclusion

Pricing control

Tax control

Account Determination and many more

SAP SD Partner Determination and Control

Define and Assign incomplete sales procedure

Output Determination

Partner Determination .

Text Control and many more

SAP SD ATP through Shipping

ATP in Sales.

Define material block for other users

Define checking group

Define control for availability check

Define procedure for schedule line category

ATP check during shipping

ATP procedure for shipping

Define delivery type

Grouped deliveries

Route determination

Define and Assignment of shipping point

Determination of picking location

Define picking rules

Define scheduling and duration

Maintain working hours and many more...

SAP SD Billing and Material determination Configuration

Define billing document type

Define blocking reason for billing

Invoice list configuration

Define date determination rules

Define billing plan type

Maintain date proposal

·Assignment of billing plan types

Define sales document type

List and Exclusion

·Material Determination and many more

Special Sales processes (Priceless see the processes we have covered)

Creation of warehouse

·Define Credit control area

Assign credit control area

Define credit check group

Define automatic credit control

Types of credit management

Free goods configuration

Inter-company sales

·Inter-company billing

Automatic vendor account posting

Credit card payment

Credit authorization and settlement

Maintain clearing house

Define item category for third party processing and many more...

SAP Sales Reporting

Incomplete sales document

List of sales order

List of billing document

·Blocked document for billing

Blocked document for deliveryand many more..

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