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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Is Safari versus Firefox a fair fight?

Apple's Safari browser took a big step toward cross-platform competitiveness last year when it introduced a beta version for Windows, but there are legitimate questions as to whether it can really hold its own against Mozilla's Firefox. Safari dropped the beta from its name earlier this week, but is there anything more to it other than a developer's tool with a Mac interface?

If you're looking for features, the answer is a resounding no. Firefox's open source code and ever-growing army of extensions and themes make it the leader when it comes to customization. Also, Firefox fans are well-known for not being ashamed of borrowing a good idea: Whether it's SnapBack from Safari or SpeedDial from Opera, new features introduced elsewhere get ported to Firefox in record time.

They should, too. Firefox is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to extensibility, and it will be a long time before any other browser can compete with the community that supports it. However, all that firepower comes at a price, most notably speed. Although Firefox 3 betas have been fired up with a new engine that renders faster and supposedly has far fewer security risks, until the final version comes out it's hard to tell how much better version 3 will be compared with version 2.

Safari for Windows makes a halfhearted effort to incorporate some feature competition.

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