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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Google Search Engine

#1: Searching the Internet with the Google Search Engine
Access the Google search engine to search the Internet.

#2: Use Quotes to Search for Phrases
Force Google to treat your search query as an exact phrase as it searches the Internet.

#3: Look for Stock Quotes
Search for stock quotes using the Google search engine.

#4: Feeling Lucky?
View Google's top-matching search result with the click of a button.

#5: Ignore Words Can Clarify Searches
Google searches going astray? Consider using ignore, or stop, words.

#6: Use a Hand-Picked Directory to Avoid Chaotic Results
Search Google's directory of websites to help weed out strange search engine results.

#7: Reverse Phone Number Lookup
Search for the names and addresses related to phone numbers using Google.

#8: Save Time, Open Results in a New Window
Save time researching Google search engine results by opening web pages in new browser windows.

#9: Define Words Using Multiple Dictionaries
Use Google's dictionary feature to find multiple definitions for a word.

#10: Google for Star Trek Fans
Display Google's interface using your favorite science-fiction character.

#11: Translate Pages or Text
Translate webpages or blocks of text using just the Google search engine.

#12: Search a University's Website
Get information from your local college or university using the Google search engine.

#13: Google as a Calculator
Calculate mathematical functions or convert measurements using the Google search engine.

#14: USA Airline Flight Information and Airport Weather
Find out if your airplane will arrive or depart on time using the Google search engine.

#15: What's on the Horizon for Google?
Access beta technology developed by the Google laboratories.

#16: Localized Search
Find local area businesses with Google without resorting to your phone book.

#17: View Related Pages
View pages Google deems to be related to your favorite website.

#18: Search for Only Word or PDF Documents
Search for Word and Adobe documents with ease using Google.

#19: Area Code Search
Find out what city represents a particular area code with Google.

#20: Elmer Fudd Interface
Make Google look like your favorite cartoon character wrote it.

#21: Synonym Search
Use Google's built-in dictionary to search for webpages containing synonyms to your search query.

#22: View Google Holiday Logos
View the holiday photos Google has placed at one time on their home page.

#23: Search For Specific Image File Types
Query Google for JPG, GIF, or PNG files on the Internet.

#24: Search for Pages Containing Specific Titles
Narrow your Google search down to pages containing specific title text.

#25: Search Computer-Specific Websites
Query computer-specific Google search sites for technology information.

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