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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Internet Explorer 8: new features in Firefox

Last week, Microsoft released an unexpected first beta version of Internet Explorer 8, which is available for all users curious to find out a little more about the future of the Redmond flagship browser, number one in the field. In addition to improved compliance with web standards, a few new features have been introduced. Probably not otherwise generate a hint of admiration of the Mozilla community, as evidenced by with an extension is appropriate in record time.

Features of IE8 suited to the sauce Firefox

Among the features IE8, called Activities provides context for a dynamic interaction with the content displayed by a web page. According to a text box selected, it is possible to launch a service in line as a research Live Maps. A certain Michael Kaply (IBM employee) who designed an extension Operator for Firefox 2.0 - 3.0, was based on the latter to implement in Firefox (via an extension) that feature Activities, and the same day that she was unveiled. Kaply took advantage of micro formats standards already supported by Firefox and other open source browsers.

Similarly, the functionality WebSlices of IE8 underway in this adaptation under Firefox. Combining RSS and Widget, WebSlices can subscribe to dynamic content directly from the browser.

For the moment, IE8 has no substance to worry unduly Firefox and community. Version 0.3 (test version) of Microsoft Activities for Firefox is available on the blog by Michael Kaply.

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