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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Advanced brake introduced for motorcycles by Honda ahead of others

Honda adopted a front wheel disk brake for mass-produced motorcycles for the first time in the world in 1969 and realized high braking performance required by the trend for larger size and higher speed motorcycles. Later on, the front and rear wheel interlocking brake systems (CBS) were mounted on mass-produced motorcycles, which were developed through participating in endurance races. Subsequently, advanced brake systems such as dual CBS, ABS and combined ABS were developed one after another and installed on mass-produced models.

Disk brakes for mass-produced motorcycles for the first time in the world
To be cited as the first case of improvement in brake controllability is the front wheel disk brake system installed on the CB750FOUR in 1969. The disk brake system applied to mass-produced motorcycles for the first time in the world enabled the achievement of high braking performance, meeting with the trend at that time for larger size and higher speed motorcycles. CB750
CBS was born from endurance races: Front and rear wheel interlocked brake
Honda started involvement with CBS through racing. The RCB1000, started in 1976 and won consecutive victories in endurance races, was equipped with a pedal brake CBS which worked effectively on the front and rear wheels simultaneously. The objective was to reduce rider fatigue while in a long competition lasting 24 hours. RCB1000
Expansion of models equipped with CBS and ABS
Models equipped with CBS and ABS
This chronological table shows mass-produced models equipped with advanced brake systems. CBS was first installed on the GL1200 in 1982. In 1993, dual CBS was developed for more sporty models and installed on the CBR1000F. The use of CBS then expanded to a number of models. ABS, on the other hand, was installed for the first time on the ST1100 in 1992. It was combined with CBS in 1996 referred to as combined ABS. In 2003, a newly developed, compact and lightweight combined ABS was installed on the Silver Wing and paved the way for installation on many more models.

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