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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Plant Maintenance Q & A - Rept & Analyses - Mgt of Task Lists

Reporting & Analyses
Q: What are the components of the maintenance history?
A: Completed notifications, completed and historical orders, usage lists.

Q: How can you display a list of install locations for a piece of equipment?
A: In transaction IE02, change equipment use the menu path >extras>usage list, ensure location field is displayed in the
current variant.

Q: What are the central modules for evaluations and analysis in the PMIS?
A: Information structures form the basis for standard analysis, they contain a combination of characteristics and key
figures with time base (period) The available information structures are: S016, S062, S063, S065, S115 and S116.

Q: What is standard analysis, what are available in SAP?
A: Standard analysis are complete predefined analysis that stop at one of the standard information structures. The
following are available: object class, manufacturer, location, planner group, damage analysis, object statistics, breakdown
analysis, cost analysis.

Management of Task Lists
Q: How is usage, status and increment controlled for the task list and how can these parameters be predefined for the user?
A: From within the transaction IA05, create general task lists, status and increment are defined by populating the user
profile with the parameter PIN and value of increment example 0000001.

Q: How does the control key come into the task list as default?
A: The control key is copied from the work centre default values screen

Q: What is the structure (main components) of a task list?
A: The task list comprises of a header containing default data, an operations screen containing details of tasks to be
performed during maintenance and there is an components screen containing spare part material information. There are also
functions for relationships, PRT’s and where applicable functions for inspection characteristics, service and maintenance

Q: What types of task lists are available?
A: Functional location, equipment and general task lists?

Q: What is different about general task lists?
A: Unlike functional location and equipment task lists, general task lists are maintained independent of a object, the
general task lists can be split by group, each group can have a maximum of 99 counters which can be regarded as individual
task lists. The functional location and equipment task lists are object dependent, the object acts as the group in this case and
there can be 99 task lists per object.

Q: Making a cost estimate for a task list, how would you proceed?
A: Use transaction IA16, evaluations>task list costing.

Q: What options are available for entry of task lists into a work order?
A: Direct entry, to reference object, general task lists for assembly, general task lists for object structure and general
task lists.

Q: Generate a where used list for a work centre, how do you proceed?
A: Evaluations>work centre where used, transaction CA82.

Q: How do you create a configuration profile for configurable task lists?
A: Plant maintenance>planned maintenance>maintenance task lists>task lists>general task lists>configuration

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