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Saturday, 7 June 2008

FAQ: PM & CS Tables

How to find tables in SAP:
Select the required field
Press F1 for help
Press F9 for technical information
Double-click on the data element field
Double-click on the domain field (provided it isn't something like CHAR1, otherwise go to step 6)
Select the where-used button (button with little yellow square with 3 arrows radiating)
Select indirect application from the pop-up box
Double-click on the database tables line in the next pop-up box
You should now have a list of all DB tables where that field is used (this should work in about 90% of cases)


Run TCode ST05 (performance analysis)
Press button
Enter the transaction you want to use (e.g. /NIW32) in the command code box
Enter an order number in the Order sub-screen
Execute, or F8
Enter /NST05 in the command code box
Press the button
Press the button
Review tables

PM & CS Tables:

Follow the link below to the most comprehensive list of PM/CS Tables on the web.
Download PM/CS Tables file here

The following two files have been provided by Kelly Kernan:
Download PM Tables Keys here
Download CS Tables For Programmers here

AD01C_ATTR DIP profile: Characteristics RRB
AD01C_CHK DIP profile: Check function RRB
AD01C_CHKT DIP profile: Check function texts RRB
AD01C_CT Apportionment reason RRB
AD01C_CTT Apportionment reason text RRB
AD01C_MAT DIP profile: Material determination RRB
AD01C_MATA DIP profile: Material determination criteria RRB
AD01C_PROF DIP profile: Usage RRB
AD01C_PRTX DIP profile: Texts RRB
AD01C_SEL DIP profile: Sources RRB
AD01C_SELA DIP profile: Selection criteria RRB
AD01DLI Dynamic items (DI) RRB
AD01DLIEF DI flow: Individual flow RRB
AD01DLISF DI Flow: Totals Flow RRB
AD01FILTVAR Filter Variants RRB
AD01SETTCH DIP: Saved settings for user 1 RRB
AD01SETTMO DIP: Saved settings for user 2 RRB
AD01SRC DIP: Sources RRB
AD01SRCARC Residence Time for DIP Sources RRB
AD01SRCTAB DIP: Source <-> Table RRB
AD01SRCTXT DIP: Source Texts RRB
AFAB Network - Relationships Orders
AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order Orders
AFFL Work order sequence Orders
AFFW Goods Movements with Errors from Confirmation Confirmations
AFFWPRO Log of deleted AFFW entries Confirmations
AFIH Maintenance order header Orders
AFKO Order header data PP orders Orders
AFPO Order item Orders
AFRC Incorrect cost calculations from confirmation Confirmations
AFRD Default values for collective confirmation Confirmations
AFRH Header information for confirmation pool Confirmations
AFRH_DEL Backup Copy of Header Information for Confirm Confirmations
AFRP0 Table of planned changes for confirmation (PD Confirmations
AFRP1 Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic Confirmations
AFRP2 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Ba Confirmations
AFRP3 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Ca Confirmations
AFRP4 Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data Confirmations
AFRU Order Confirmations Confirmations
AFRUHR Order Confirmations for HR Confirmations
AFRV Confirmation pool Confirmations
AFRV_DEL Backup Copy for Confirmation Pool Confirmations
AFSPOPR Split Operations in an Order Split Orders
AFSPREL Relation Between Orders in an Order Split Orders
AFVC Operation within an order Orders
AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operat Orders
AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values i Orders
AFWI Subsequently posted goods movements for confi Confirmations
ARC_PM_OBJLIST Customizing for Archiving of Serial Number Ob TechObjects, SerNo
ARC_PM_OBJLIST_T Customizing Texts for Archiving of Serial Num TechObjects, SerNo
ASMDT Service Short Texts Service
AUFK Order master data Orders
AUFM Goods movements for order Orders
BGMK Master Warranty Header Warranty
BGMKOBJ Master Warranty - Object Assignment Warranty
BGMP Master Warranty Item Warranty
BGMS Master Warranty Text Item Warranty
BGMT Master Warranty Text Warranty
BGMZ Warranty Counter Warranty
CCRHD Work Center Header Work Centres
COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement Settlement, Orders
COBRB Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Sett Settlement, Orders
COMPPRT OCM: Comparison result, individual record for PRT
CORUUSR User Settings for Confirmation Confirmations
CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation Work Centres
CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center Work Centres
CRFH CIM production resource/tool master data Work Centres
CRHD Work Center Header Work Centres
CRHH Hierarchy Header Data Work Centres
CRHS Hierarchy Structure Work Centres
CRID CIM Resource - Entities Work Centres
CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resour Work Centres
CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document PRT
CRVD_B Link of Document to PRT PRT
CRVE_A Assignment PRT data - equipment TechObjects, Equip, PRT
CRVE_B Assignment equipment - PRT data TechObjects, Equip, PRT
CRVM_A Link of PRT data to a material PRT
CRVM_B Link of material to a production resource/too PRT
CRVS_A Relationship of PRT internal number to PRT ex PRT
CRVS_B Relationship of PRT external number to PRT in PRT
DOST Document to BOM Link Technical Object, BOM
DPBP_PROF DIP Profile: Profile Header Enhancement RRB
DPPROFH DIP profile: Header RRB
EAPL Allocation of task lists to pieces of equipme Task List, TechObjects
EBII CO/SD document flow: billed portions of expen RRB
EQBS Serial Number Stock Segment TechObjects, SerNo
EQKT Equipment Short Texts TechObjects, Equip
EQSE Serial Number Records TechObjects, SerNo
EQST Equipment to BOM Link TechObjects, Equip, BOM
EQUI Equipment master data TechObjects, Equip
EQUZ Equipment time segment TechObjects, Equip
ESKL Account Assignment Specification: Service Lin Services
ESKN Account Assignment in Service Package Services
ESLA Service Type Editions Services
ESLB Service Type Header of Standard Service Catal Services
ESLH Service Package Header Data Services
ESLL Lines of Service Package Services
ESLP Service Item Services
ESLT Service Item Short Texts Services
ESLZ Service Type Lines Services
ESSR Service Entry Sheet Header Data Services
ESST Service Item Short Texts Services
ESUC Ext. Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Services
ESUH Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Service Limit Services
ESUP Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Limits on Ser Services
ESUS Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Serv Services
HIKO Order master data history Orders
HIMA PM order history - materials Orders
HIVG PM order history - operations Orders
HUINV_SERNR Handling Unit Phys. Inv. Doc. - Serial Number TechObjects, SerNo
HUMSEG_SER Serial Numbers for the HUMSEG Table TechObjects, SerNo
IBBINDING IB: Relationship Table Between IBase Event an IBase, Class
IBDU Postprocessing of PM/SM Objects IBase, Class, Notif'n
IBEXTINST IB: Instance Number for External Display IBase, Class
IBIB IB: Installed Base/IBase IBase, Class
IBIBOBS IB: IBase observer IBase, Class
IBIBT IB: Installed base short texts IBase, Class
IBIN IB: Component/instance IBase, Class
IBINCM IB: Config.Mang.: Component/Instance IBase, Class
IBINDOMAINS IB: Redundant design object
IBINOBS IB: Observer of an IBase instance IBase, Class
IBINOWN IB: Owner of an IBase instance IBase, Class
IBINST_OBJ IB: Selection Statistics for IBIN over OBJNR IBase, Class
IBINT IB: Component short texts IBase, Class
IBINVALST_SYM IB: Selection Statistics for IBINVALUES over IBase, Class
IBINVALUES IB: Characteristic values and restrictions fo IBase, Class
IBSP IB: Specialization IBase, Class
IBSPCM IB: Config.Mang.: Specialization IBase, Class
IBSSI_RFCDEST RFC Destination for Calls PlugIn => IBS-SI Sy IBase, Class
IBST IB: Structure IBase, Class
IBSTCM IB: Conf.Mang.:Structure IBase, Class
IBSTREF IB: Reference to master data structure IBase, Class
IBSYMBOL IB: Symbol IBase, Class
IE4N_CGP General IE4N Settings for Installation/Remova TechObjects, Equip
IE4N_USP Definition of User-Specific Settings TechObjects, Equip
IE4N_USPI Definition of User-Specific Settings: Install TechObjects, Equip
IE4N_USPR Definition of User-Specific Settings: Removal TechObjects, Equip
IFLOALT Labeling Systems for Functional Locations TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOALT_T Labeling Systems for Functional Locations: Sh TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOCUST System-Specific Settings TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOCUSTA System-Specific Settings (Permitted Labeling TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOS Functional Location Labels TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOS_VS Functional Location Labels (Version Table) TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOT Functional Location (Table) TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOT_VS Functional Location (Version Table) TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOTX Functional Location: Short Texts TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOTX_VS Functional Location Data Fields: Short Texts TechObjects, FLoc
IFLOUSR User Profile for Labeling Functional Location TechObjects, FLoc
IHGNS Permit Segment for Plant Maintenance TechObjects, Permits
IHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners TechObjects, Partners
IHSG Object-Related Permits in Plant Maintenance TechObjects, Permits
ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment TechObjects, FLoc
ILOA_VS Location & Account Assignment for PM Object ( TechObjects, FLoc
IMCEFL IM Summarization: Functional locations TechObjects, FLoc
IMCEFLT IM Summarization: Texts for functional locati TechObjects, FLoc
IMEL Entry List for Measurement Documents Measurements
IMEP Items in the Entry List Measurements
IMPH Measurement and Counter Reading Transmission Measurements
IMPTT Measuring Point (Table) Measurements
IMRCCUST System Settings for Measuring Points and Meas Measurements
IMRG Measurement Document Measurements
IMTR Termination of MeasRead. Data Transfer to Mea Measurements
INET Object networking Object networks
INETX Language-dependent texts for INET Object networks
INHB Termination of Data Transfer to Technical Obj TechObjects, FLoc
INHB_MP_TRANS Meas. Pt: TRANS - Post Logic for Transferring Measurements
IRLOT Reference Functional Location (Table) TechObjects, FLoc
IRLOTX Reference Functional Location: Short Texts TechObjects, FLoc
ITOBCUST System Settings for Alternative Labeling of F TechObjects, FLoc
KAKO Capacity Header Segment Work Centres
KAKT Capacity Description Work Centres
KAPA Shift Parameters for Available Capacity Work Centres
KAZY Interval of Available Capacity Work Centres
KBED Capacity Requirements Records Capacity Planning
MAPL Assignment of Task Lists to Materials Material, Task List
MASE Last Serial Number for Material TechObjects, SerNo
MAST Material to BOM Link TechObjects, BOM
MHIO Call Object from Maintenance Order Maintenance Plans
MHIS Maintenance plan history Maintenance Plans
MMPT Cycle definitions and MeasPoints for MaintPla Maintenance Plans
MMPX Maintenance cycle short texts Maintenance Plans
MPLA Maintenance plan Maintenance Plans
MPOS Maintenance item Maintenance Plans
OBJH Object: Header TechObjects
OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List TechObjects
OPROL AVO Link to Object List Entry Notif'ns
PLAB Relationships Projects
PLAS Task list - selection of operations/activitie Task List
PLFH Task list - production resources/tools Task List
PLFL Task list - sequences Task List
PLFT Process Instructions Task List
PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Va Task List
PLKO Task list - header Task List
PLKZ Task list: main header Task List
PLLPO Task list - operation/activity Task List
PLMZ Allocation of bill of material items to opera Task List
PLPH CAPP: Sub-operations Task List
PLPO Task list - operation/activity Task List
PLWP Allocation of maintenance packages to task li TaskLists
PMCO Cost structure of maintenance order Orders
PMCO1 Cost profile: Value category proposal Orders
PMCO3 Plan version: Estimated costs for maintenance Orders
PMCOQT Quantity structure for the maintenance order Orders
PMFLAGS Flags if certain conversions have been run Orders
PMPL PM: Print log PM/CS Printing
PMSDO PM organizational data for SD documents Notif'ns
QMEL Quality Notification Notif'ns
QMEL_EXT Enhancement Table for Message Notif'ns
QMFE Quality notification - items Notif'ns
QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt Notif'ns
QMMA Quality notification - activities Notif'ns
QMSM Quality notification - tasks Notif'ns
QMUR Quality notification - causes Notif'ns
S061 Location and planning PMIS
S062 Object class & manufacturer PMIS
S063 Damage analysis PMIS
S065 Object statistics PMIS
S115 Cost evaluation PMIS
S024 Totals Records for Work Center Work Centres
SER00 General Header Table for Serial Number Manage TechObjects, SerNo
SER01 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delive TechObjects, SerNo
SER02 Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Cont TechObjects, SerNo
SER03 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods TechObjects, SerNo
SER04 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Inspec TechObjects, SerNo
SER05 Document Header for Serial Numbers for PP Ord TechObjects, SerNo
SER06 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handli TechObjects, SerNo
SER07 Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physica TechObjects, SerNo
SER08 Document Header for Purchase Order Item Seria TechObjects, SerNo
SERBL Plant Maintenance Object List TechObjects
SERI Serial Numbers TechObjects, SerNo
SMZB_BINREL Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary L Notif'ns
STAS BOMs - Item Selection Technical Object, BOM
STKO BOM Header Technical Object, BOM
STPO BOM item Technical Object, BOM
STPU BOM Subitem Technical Object, BOM
STZU Permanent BOM data Technical Object, BOM
T003O Order Types Orders
T003P Order Type Descriptions Orders
T024C Planner Group for CAPP Capacity Planning
T024I Maintenance planner groups Orders, Notif'ns
T350 Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order Orders
T350E Access sequence addresses for address proposa Orders
T350I Combination of order type and PM activity typ Orders
T350W Maintenance control parameters: Order type pl Orders
T351 Maintenance strategy Maintenance Plans
T351P Maintenance packages Maintenance Plans
T351T Maintenance strategy texts Maintenance Plans
T351X Maintenance strategy package texts Maintenance Plans
T352B Technical report Orders, Notif'ns
T352B_T Catalog profile texts Notif'ns
T352C Catalog types for each catalog profile Notif'ns, Catalogs
T352R Maintenance revisions Orders
T352T Permit Categories TechObjects, Permits
T352T_T Text for Permit Categories TechObjects, Permits
T353I Maintenance activity types Orders
T353I_T Maintenance activity type description Orders
T355E Response time monitor Notif'ns
T355E_T Response profile text Notif'ns
T355E_W Response times Notif'ns
T355R Service window Notif'ns
T355R_T Service window text Notif'ns
T355R_W Service window Notif'ns
T356 Priorities Orders, Notif'ns
T356_T Priority text Notif'ns
T356A Priority type table Notif'ns
T356A_T Priority type texts Notif'ns
T357 Plant Section TechObjects
T357A Effect of malfunction on the system Notif'ns
T357A_T Texts for effect of malfunction on the system Notif'ns
T357G Permits TechObjects, Permits
T357G_GR PM: Permit groups TechObjects, Permits
T357G_T Permits texts TechObjects, Permits
T357M Machine operating condition Notif'ns
T357M_T Operating condition texts Orders
T357Z Overall condition of technical system Notif'ns
T357Z_T System condition - Text table Notif'ns
T365 Initial values for PM notification transactio Notif'ns
T365A Start values for notification transactions - Notif'ns
T370 Start Values for PM Master Data Transactions TechObjects, FLoc
T370A Activity Category for PM Lists TechObjects, FLoc
T370B Technical object authorization group TechObjects
T370B_T Language-dependent texts for authorization gr TechObjects
T370C ABC indicator for technical objects TechObjects
T370C_T Language-dependent texts for ABC indicator TechObjects
T370F Functional Location Category TechObjects, FLoc
T370F_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370F TechObjects, FLoc
T370K Type of technical object TechObjects
T370K_T Language-Dependent Texts for Object Type TechObjects
T370N Object link category Orders
T370N_T Language dependent texts for T370N Orders
T370O Object Categories Allowed for MeasPoints and Measurements
T370P Measuring Point Category Measurements
T370P_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370P Measurements
T370R Reference Functional Location Category TechObjects, FLoc
T370R_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370R TechObjects, FLoc
T370S Functional Location Structure Indicators TechObjects, FLoc
T370S_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370S TechObjects, FLoc
T370T Equipment categories TechObjects, Equip
T370U Language-dependent texts for T370T TechObjects, Equip
T370Z History-related fields TechObjects
T371A IB: Installed Base Category IBase, Class
T371A_T IB: Text table for T371A IBase, Class
T371B IB: Views for database access IBase, Class
T371C IBase Authorization Group IBase, Class
T371C_T IB: Text Tables for T371C IBase, Class
T371D IB: Component Reservation Object Type IBase, Class
T371F IB: Object Types for User (Owner/Observer) IBase, Class
T371F_T IB: Text Tables for T371F IBase, Class
T371G IB: Object types for structure references IBase, Class
T371G_T IB: Text Tables for T371G IBase, Class
T371I IB: Classes for Installation Rules IBase, Class
T372I Network identification Object networks
T372I_T Language-dependent texts for network ID Object networks
T372M Medium Object networks
T372M_T Language-dependent texts for link medium (T37 Object networks
T377 Criteria for Material Serial Number Managemen TechObjects, SerNo
T377G Criteria for Serial Number Management (Group) TechObjects, SerNo
T377P Serial Number Management Profiles TechObjects, SerNo
T377P_T Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles TechObjects, SerNo
T377X Documents Allowed for Serial Number Managemen TechObjects, SerNo
T377X_T Texts for Serial Number Management Documents TechObjects, SerNo
T390 PM: Shop papers for print control PM/CS Printing
T390_O PM: Shop paper control by order type PM/CS Printing
T390_OT Description of shop papers per document type PM/CS Printing
T390_T PM: Shop paper description PM/CS Printing
T390_U Print control by user PM/CS Printing
T390D PM: Destinations and database names for downl Notif'ns
T392 PM: DDIC structures for print diversion PM/CS Printing
T392_V PM: Detailed selection for print diversion PM/CS Printing
T399G Maintenance Plan Sort Field Maintenance Plans
T399G_T Descriptions for Maintenance Plan Sort Fields Maintenance Plans
T399I Planning plant parameters Orders
T399J Maintenance parameters (client) Orders
T399P Maintenance item category parameter Maintenance Plans
T399U Control: General PM/SM settings
T399W Maintenance plan type parameter Maintenance Plans
T399W_T Maintenance plan category descriptions Maintenance Plans
T418V Item category proposal for component assignme Orders
T790 Warranty Transaction - Initial Values Warranty
T790_C Warranty Default Values - Initial Transaction Warranty
T790G Warranty Type Warranty
T790G_T Warranty Type Text Warranty
T790T Warranty Category Functions Warranty
T790T_C Warranty Category Default Values Warranty
T791Z Permitted Warranty Counters - General Warranty
TA22EQU Equipment Types TechObjects, Equip
TAFWD CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as er Confirmations
TAPL Allocation of task lists to functional locati TechObjects, FLoc, TaskLists
TC23 Key for use of the work center in the task li Work Centres
TC23A Valid types for the work center Work Centres
TC24 Person responsible for the work center Work Centres
TC25 Work center formulas Work Centres
TC26D Default values for capacity Work Centres
TC29 Distribution key for capacity load Capacity Planning
TC29F Distribution function for capacity planning Capacity Planning
TC29L Description of distribution keys Capacity Planning
TC29R Descriptions of distribution strategy Capacity Planning
TC29S Distribution strategy Capacity Planning
TC29T Descriptions of distribution functions Capacity Planning
TC29V Distribution function Capacity Planning
TC30 Work center category Work Centres
TC30A Work center categories Work Centres
TC30C Work center category screen selection Work Centres
TC30D Defaults for the work center Work Centres
TC30T Text for the work center category Work Centres
TCAM1 CAPP menus, level 1 Capacity Planning
TCAM2 CAPP menus, level 2: header lines Capacity Planning
TCAM3 CAPP menus, level 3: menu components Capacity Planning
TCAPI CAPP status Capacity Planning
TCAPM Date of the last mini reorg Capacity Planning
TCAPR Rounding rules Capacity Planning
TCAPS Files that can be read in CAPP Capacity Planning
TCAPT Tables used in CAPP formulas and methods Capacity Planning
TCARA Rounding categories Capacity Planning
TCEIT CAPP status (text) Capacity Planning
TCF02 PRT categories PRT
TCF04 Status of the PRT master PRT
TCF05 Language-dependent text table for PRT status PRT
TCF06 Field groups in the PRT master for reference PRT
TCF07 Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT
TCF08 Assignment of PRT master fields to field grou PRT
TCF10 PRT control key PRT
TCF11 Language-dependent text table for PRT control PRT
TCF13 Language-dependent text table for PRT group k PRT
TCLOI5 Method for Planned Order Selection by Work Ce Work Centres
TCMES Settings for External Scheduling of Order IBase, Class
TCMFUL Screen Layout for Completion Confirmations Confirmations
TCORD Table for field-dependent check routines Confirmations
TCORU Parameters for Order Confirmation Confirmations
TCORUPBTXT Customizing Single Screen Entry Confirmat.: S Confirmations
TCORUSSDEF Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Conf Confirmations
TCORV Table with Routines for structureing variable Confirmations
TCORW Confirmation: Window Control Confirmations
TCR00 Installation constants for work center Work Centres
TCY01 Combination of selection sets Capacity Planning
TCY02 Combinations of selection sets - descriptions Capacity Planning
TCY03 Kombinations of sel. sets - assignment of set Capacity Planning
TCY05 Classification of fields as primary or second Capacity Planning
TCY06 Overall profiles for capacity planning Capacity Planning
TCY07 Sel. profiles (Sets for sel. screens & interv Capacity Planning
TCY08 Option profiles Capacity Planning
TCY09 List profiles (standard settings for lists) Capacity Planning
TCY10 Descriptions of overall profiles (Table TCY06 Capacity Planning
TCY11 Texts for selection profile-table TCY07 Capacity Planning
TCY12 Descriptions of option profiles (Table TCY08) Capacity Planning
TCY13 Descriptions of list profiles (Table TCY09) Capacity Planning
TCY14 Variable overview - column names Capacity Planning
TCY15 Variable overview - column description Capacity Planning
TCY16 Variable overview - column definition Capacity Planning
TCY17 List version - keys Capacity Planning
TCY18 Variable overview - description of overview v Capacity Planning
TCY19 Variable overview - definition of overview ve Capacity Planning
TCY20 Variable overview - column headings for overv Capacity Planning
TEBCO CO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination RRB
TIH01 Display Fields for PM Reporting TechObjects, FLoc
TIH02 Field Selection for Partner Addresses Notif'ns
TIWOL Control table for SAPLIWOL - Object list Notif'ns
TMATY Machine types Capacity Planning
TPAER_PM Partner Functions in Partner Schema (PM) with Orders
TPARU Control parallelized confirmation processes Confirmations
TPEXT Profile for external procurement Orders
TPEXT_T Text tables for profiles (external procuremen Orders
TPMIM IM allocation key Orders
TPMP Maintenance profile Orders
TPMPO Maintenance order processing profile Orders
TPMUC Deactivate the Update Check CO_ZV_CONSISTENCY Orders
TPMUS PM/SM - User default values Orders
TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirmat Confirmations
TPRRUT Text table for process control of confirmatio Confirmations
TPST Functional Location - BOM Link TechObjects, FLoc, BOM
TQ80 Notification Types Notif'ns
TQ80_T Notification type texts Notif'ns
TQ80O Object info parameters Notif'ns
TQ81 Notification Scenario Notif'ns
TQ81_T Texts for Notification Scenarios Notif'ns
TQ81V Usage of parts Notif'ns
TQ81V_T Texts for usage of parts Notif'ns
TQ82 Change of Notification Type Notif'ns
TQ83 Partner Functions for Codes Notif'ns
TQ85 Function table for follow-up functions Notif'ns
TQ85_T Action box text table Notif'ns
TQ85R Rules for Follow-Up Functions Notif'ns
TQ86A Assignment report category for work center Work Centres
TQ8CO Assignment of reference orders to notificatio Notif'ns
TQ8T Notification category Notif'ns
TQ8T_T Notication category texts Notif'ns
TQBER Notification: Tabstrip Division Notif'ns
TQBT Screen type table for subscreen Notif'ns
TQBTT Screen category text table for subscreen Notif'ns
TQSCR Notification: Screen control Notif'ns
TQSCRT Notification: Text table heading tabstrip Notif'ns
TQSUB Notification: Subscreen control for notificat Notif'ns
TQSUBT Notification: Subscreen control for notificat Notif'ns
TQTABS Notification: Contol table tabstrip function Notif'ns
TQTABST Notification: Tabstrip Control Notif'ns
TRUGS User status caused by deviation Confirmations
TRUS Control table for collective confirmation Confirmations
TSRTB Sort strings Capacity Planning
TSRTT Sort strings (text) Capacity Planning
TSUBSCRAREA Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Conf Confirmations
TTTAB Tables for technical data Capacity Planning
TWOBL Control table for SAPLIWOL - Object list Notif'ns
TZART Value types for CAPP Capacity Planning
V_EQUI Equipment (view) TechObjects, Equip
VERFK Process header data Capacity Planning
VERFT Process texts Capacity Planning
VERME Assignment of CAPP methods to CAPP processes Capacity Planning
VERTE Assignment of CAPP processes to work centers Capacity Planning
VFORK Formula header data Capacity Planning
VFORP Characteristics for formulas Capacity Planning
VFORS Formula strings Capacity Planning
VFORT Formula texts Capacity Planning
VIAUF_AFVC PM order operations Orders
VIAUFKS Maintenance order (view) Orders
VIAUFKST Maintenance orders (view) Orders
VIBDPMFL Link from RE Object to Functional Location TechObjects, FLoc
VIMHIS Maintenance Plan History (view) Planned Maintenance
VIMI29 Maintenance orders - Modernization measure al ???
VIMPOS Maintenance Item (view) Maintenance Plans
VIQMEL Notifications (view) Notif'ns
VISER02 View Table TechObjects, Contracts
VIVEDA Sales Document Item Sales Orders
VMETK Method header data Capacity Planning
VMETP Characteristics for methods Capacity Planning
VMETT Method texts Capacity Planning
VMETV Rules for characteristics Capacity Planning
VMETW Default values for characteristics Capacity Planning
VSAFFH_CN Version: PRT allocation to work order PRT
WCAAP WCM: Application TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAB WCM: Valuation TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACD WCM: Operational Class <-> PM Object TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACE WCM: Operational Condition <-> Operational Cl TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACG WCM: WCM Object <-> Catalog TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACH WCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (T TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACI WCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (C TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACM WCM: Current Operational Condition/Type TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACN WCM: (Temporary) Log (Tag/Test Tag) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACO WCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (R TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACQ WCM: Log for Tagging/Untagging (Conflict Chec TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCACS WCM: (Temporary) Log (Protected Area) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAGN WCM: Approvals TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAGNS WCM: Approval Segment TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAHE WCM: Work Clearance Document (Header) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAIT WCM: Work Clearance Document (Item) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCALA WCM: WCM Object <-> WCM Object TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAOD WCM: PM Object (Object List) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAPL WCM: Print Log TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCAW WCM: Work Approval TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCA WCM: Operational Conditions/Types TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCB WCM: Operational Condition TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCBT WCM: Operational Condition (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCC WCM: Operational Type TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCCT WCM: Operational Type (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCD WCM: Operational Group TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCDT WCM: Operational Group (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCE WCM: Conflict Rules TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCF WCM: Revision Phase TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCFT WCM: Revision Phase (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCG WCM: Overall Conditions of Technical System TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCGT WCM: Overall Conditions of Technical System ( TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCH WCM: Train TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCHT WCM: Train (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCI WCM: Tag <-> (Operational Group, Operational TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCJ WCM: Selection Fields for Creation with Templ TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCK WCM: Operational Class TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCKT WCM: Operational Class (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCL WCM: Print TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCLT WCM: Print (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCLX WCM: Print (User-Specific) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCM WCM: PM Order <-> WCM Object TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCN WCM: Valuation TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCO WCM: WCM Object TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCOR WCM: WCM Object (Master) <-> WCM Object (Slav TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCOT WCM: WCM Object (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCP WCM: WCM Object <-> Approvals TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCQ WCM: Group TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCQT WCM: Group (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCR WCM: Application Profile TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCS WCM: Selection Fields for Data Transfer TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCST WCM: Selection Fields for Data Transfer (Text TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCTA WCM: Grouping (Status) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCTB WCM: Grouping (Approval Status) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCTC WCM: Grouping (Additional Data) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCU WCM: Use of Work Clearance Document TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCUT WCM: Use of Work Clearance Document (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCV WCM: Physical Blocking Type TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCVT WCM: Physical Blocking Type (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCWA WCM: Changes (Additional Data) Forbidden TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCWB WCM: Assignment Forbidden TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCX WCM: Use of Work Approval TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCXT WCM: Use of Work Approval (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCY WCM: Use of Application TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCYT WCM: Use of Application (Texts) TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCCZ WCM: Text Processing TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXFLD WCM Taxonomy Folder: Instances of Logical Inf TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLOIOT WCM Taxonomy Folder: Descriptions of Logical TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLOPR WCM Taxonomy Folder: Attribute Values of Logi TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLORE WCM Taxonomy Folder: Outgoing Relationships o TechObjects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLORI WCM Taxonomy Folder: Incoming Relationships o TechObjects, Permits, WCM

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