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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Technology Goes Down The Toilet

You’ll never have to leave the throne again now that Roto Rooter has created the ultimate toilet, which includes a full arsenal of high-tech toys and other gadgets.

Designed for the world’s laziest man, the Roto Rooter Pimped Out John includes a 20-inch flat-panel LCD TV, an Xbox 360, DVD player, a laptop, a TiVo DVR, and an iPod docking station (mounted conveniently on a toilet-paper dispenser.) And while you’re “doin’ your business,” you can even work out on the exercise bike or reload with a beer from the included kegerator.

If the Pimped Out John sounds like your cup of tea, you can enter to win the whole shebang here.

Posted by: aroeltsm, Updated at: 4:37 am

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