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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sola Unagi: A suitcase full of solar power

A solar-powered MP3 player is one thing, but what if you want to fire up, say, a mini-fridge or a 21-inch color TV during that 10-day hiking trip? Sola Unagi to the rescue!

Designed more for emerging markets than the gadget-obsessed, this bulky aluminum suitcase weighs in at a hefty 22 pounds—so no, you probably don't want to take it to Yosemite (unless you're car camping, that is). Open up the Unagi and you'll, not sushi, but a pair of 13-watt solar arrays.

Once fully charged (the specifications don't say how long each charge takes), the Sola Unagi's built-in battery will supposedly power a 21-inch color TV set for four to five hours, a laptop for four to six hours, a dorm fridge for four hours, or a string of four or five lights for about 10 hours. Need to charge 20 cell phones in a single shot? Done.

Of course, the Sola Unagi doesn't come cheap: a single unit costs about $1,150 (although you'll get a discount for buying in bulk). That said, if you've got a pal heading to Africa for, say, a stint in the Peace Corps, an Unagi or two might be the perfect going-away present.

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