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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A new licensing model for home software: The Unlimited Home Site License

Today, we're introducing something completely new: An unlimited home site license. This will be an option on all of our consumer products.

Here's the backstory:

Sunbelt is a research-intensive organization — we are constantly doing surveys.

Back in February, we were doing a survey for our upcoming security product, VIPRE (shipping later this month), and our head of marketing noticed something interesting: On average, about 35% of the respondents had more than 3 PCs in their household. (21% responded with three computers, 28% responded with two computers and 17% responded with one computer, out of 1009 respondents, obtained from Sunbelt's database.)

The lesson was clear: a large group of users out there are getting to a point where a typical 3–user license just doesn’t cut it. That got our marketing head thinking about a whole new idea, taken from the enterprise software space: An unlimited home site license. I really liked the idea.

So, after further discussion and some testing, we’ve formally launched our new Unlimited Home Site License program. All of our consumer products have this in place right now, but it will also be available for VIPRE.

This is an unlimited license — it works for as many computers as you have at home, whether 3, 10, 50 or 100 computers. No guilt, no BS. No limits.

Here’s how the pricing breaks out:

iHateSpam . $39.95
CounterSpy. $39.95
Sunbelt Personal Firewall $39.95
VIPRE™ Antivirus + Antispyware . $49.95

The annual subscription provides protection for unlimited PCs and includes one year of software updates and upgrades, any relevant threat definitions, and live US-based toll-free technical support.

You can read more about the new program here.

Alex Eckelberry

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