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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Norton Personal Firewall! (

Norton Personal Firewall!

Norton Personal Firewall 2004: NortonT Personal Firewall is your maximum defense against hackers. Norton Internet Security 2004 provides essential Internet protection for your home PC. It defends against malicious hackers, eliminates dangerous viruses, and keeps your personal information private. NortonT Personal Firewall 2004 is your maximum defense against hackers and other Internet threats. Right out of the box, it provides security for your PC and privacy for your personal information. Now Windows® Millennium Edition compatible, this powerful firewall software controls all Internet connections to and from your computer and alerts you to attempted intrusions.

You can also use Norton Personal Firewall to prevent personal data from being sent to web sites without your knowledge, and to block JavaT applets, ActiveX® controls, and cookies from unfamiliar sites. Whether your Internet connection is always on or you dial in occasionally, your PC could be in jeopardy. Protect it now with Norton Personal Firewall 2004. If you want to tinker with these settings at a later date or check your Internet status (the number of alerts and alarms you've experienced) at any time, double-click the NPF System Tray icon. NPF is a bear to configure, so I recommend it primarily for technically savvy folks who know their way around a PC and need detailed security settings.

Pros: Provides solid privacy protection and two-way defense against unauthorized Internet connections.
Cons: Can't block or permit specific sites, this program costs too much to beat the free ZoneAlarm.

Manufacturer Symantec Corp.
Software: Personal Firewall 2004
Program Type: Freeware Trial, Buy $49.95
Download Page
Price $49.95
Download Now
Platform: Windows all 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000
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