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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Computer FireWall (

Computer FireWall's: Computer users are unaware that the Internet user's can access your PC just as they can access the Internet. If you use DSL or a cable modem to access the Net, you most likely have a static IP address assigned by your provider, which means that your machine is permanently exposed to the Internet. We've all heard about hackers ranging from so called Script Kiddies launching mostly annoying hacks, to professional hackers trying to vandalize or break into corporate networks. Here you'll find a list of the best Firewall programs, plus some tips to avid getting hacked!

Here are some tips to avoid getting your computer hacked:

1. Turn off file sharing if you don't need it. If a port scan is done on your computer, a hacker may find a back door to your machine and have access to your files via file sharing.

2. Don't open attachments. Will help you avoid the installation of Trojan horses and viruses.

3. Don't let other people onto your computer unless you really trust them. A great way to do this is to password protect your compute.

4. Use an up to date antivirus program and keep it up-to-date. If you don't have a antivirus program get one!

5. This is extremely important, Routinely update Windows software. The updates will fix many bugs and known security holes within the Windows operating system.

6. Use a firewall if you have a constant Internet connection. More information below.

7. The best way to protect your PC from Internet intruders is to install and set up a firewall. Corporations usually run expensive hardware-based firewall's to protect their networks, but for the individual's PC, I recommend personal firewall software.

Firewall's not only protect your system from hackers, they also keep unauthorized programs from accessing the Web.

If you have a Cable/DSL Router (Linksys) that's all the firewall for your home or small business needs, I'm a fan of hardware-based firewall's. You don't need to install the the firewall software and it doesn't take up any of your computer resources. You can easily add more computers to the network and they're all protected under that single firewall.

Using Software Based Firewall: If you want to feel safer or sometimes hardware firewall's isn't available for example, when your traveling with your laptop you may feel more comfortable turning on your software-based firewall.

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