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Saturday, 23 February 2008

McAfee FireWall (

McAfee Personal Firewall

McAfee Personal Firewall places a protective barrier between Internet criminals and the personal information on your PC. Ideal for dial-up or broadband (DSL, cable) Internet connections, Personal Firewall Plus not only blocks online thieves but lets you trace the source of hacker attacks, avoid future threats and alert the proper authorities (including ISPs or law enforcement). And it's from McAfee Security, the most trusted name in online security.

McAfee Personal Fiewall: Price $29.95. McAfee Firewall software builds a protective barrier around your computer to secure and defend it from Internet hazards such as hackers trying to steal private information, a Trojan horse taking control of your PC, or other insidious dangers. McAfee Firewall makes Internet security just as simple in practice. This firewall is easy to set up and protects your system from incoming and outgoing communications on dial-up and broadband services. McAfee Firewall also thoroughly logs and tracks security events, so you can keep detailed records of any threats. It filters both inbound and outbound communications and protects both dial-up or direct Internet connections such as DSL or cable modem. It also filters all applications, system services, and protocols, including file and printer shares (NetBIOS), IP protocols (TCP/IP, UDP/IP), service-based protocols (FTP, Telnet), ARP/RARP, and DHCP. Additionally, it blocks IPX and NetBEUI on a per device basis.

If you want something easy to use and effective then give this a try. This update fixes many of the limitations found with previous versions. For example, you can now block or unblock specific IP addresses.

Pros: Easy to use; shows activity and filter settings in a main window: offers detailed event details.
Cons: UI may be a bit confusing for beginners.

• Prevents unauthorized access
• Protects data against ID theft
• Alerts you to threats
• Tracks the source of attacks
* New! Enhanced Smart Recommendations Denies outbound Internet access to malicious applications (spyware, trojans and remote-control agents)
* New! Enhanced Intrusion Tracing Features easy-to-read graphical maps showing the source of hostile attacks and traffic worldwide, including detailed contact/owner information from originating IP addresses and all subsequent steps to your PC. Now includes improved Visual Trace geographical data, helping pin-point locations of intruders.

Author: Network Associates, Inc.
Software: McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
Price: $29.95 (reg. $39.95)
Download 15-day free trial here!
OS: Microsoft Windows All, 95/98,ME, 2000, XP, NT 4.0
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