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Thursday, 11 September 2008

ABAP System Table

  1. ADCP Person/Address assignment (central address administration)
  2. ADIRACCESS Table to store keys for TADIR objects
  3. ADR2 Telephone numbers (central address admin.)
  4. ADRP Persons (central address administration)
  6. APQI Queue info definition
  7. D010SINF ABAP- Information about ABAP program source code
  8. E071 Change and Transport System- Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
  9. E07T Change and Transport System- Short Texts for Requests/Tasks
  10. ENLFDIR Additional Attributes for Function Modules
  11. INDX System table INDX
  12. NAST Message Status
  13. STXH STXD SAPscript text file header
  14. T005 Countries
  15. T005S Taxes- Region (Province) Key
  16. T005U Taxes- Region Key- Texts
  17. T006 Units of Measurement
  18. T015M Names of the months
  19. T247 Month name and short text
  20. T777A Building Addresses
  21. TADIR Directory of Repository Objects
  22. TBTCO Job status overview table
  23. TBTCP Batch job step overview
  24. TFDIR Function Module
  25. TFTIT Function Module Short Text
  26. TSP03L Spool- Long device names
  27. TSTC SAP Transaction Codes
  28. TSTCT Transaction Code Texts
  29. TUTYP User Types in Current Price List in SAP System
  30. TUZUS Special versions
  31. TVARV Table of variables in selection criteria
  32. TVDIR View Directory
  33. US930 Data Relevant to Measurement for User Master Record
  34. USR01 User master record (runtime data)
  35. USR02 Logon data
  36. USR04 User master authorizations
  37. USR06 Additional Data per User
  38. USR14 Surchargeable Language Versions per User
  39. USR21 Assign user name address key
  40. ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization
  41. BTCUED Description of user event IDs for background processing
  42. BTXSUPB BSI- Upgrade-Information
  43. CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow
  44. DBSTATC DB Optimizer Control (Statistics Creation)
  45. DEVACCESS Table for development users
  46. DEVL OBSOLETE- Do not use (See TCETRAL)
  47. E070 Change and Transport System- Header of Requests/Tasks
  48. E070L CTS- Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks
  49. INSTVERS Documentation for installation Status and History
  50. PAT03 Patch Directory
  51. SDBAC DBA Action Table
  52. T100 Messages
  53. TAPLT Program Application Long Texts
  54. TASYS OBSOLETE- Do not use, see TCEDELI
  55. TDEVC Development Classes
  56. TEMSE Temp Sequential table.
  57. TLOCK Change and Transport System- Lock Table
  58. TNAPR Processing programs for output. Can be very handy to find the print program for a SAPScript.
  59. TNAST Printed output control table
  60. TPFET Table of profile parameters
  61. TPFHT Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB
  62. TPROT Table contains all DD tables to be logged
  63. TRBAT Communication Table for Transport Control
  64. TRDIRT Title texts for programs in TRDIR
  65. TRESN Table of Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench
  66. TRJOB Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports
  67. TSP03C Spool- Device Description Extension
  68. TST03 TemSe data
  69. TSYST OBSOLETE- Do not use (see TCESYST)
  70. TWSYS OBSOLETE- Do not use (See TCETRAL)
  71. USOBT Relation transaction - authorization object
  72. USR03 User address data
  73. USR05 User Master Parameter ID
  74. USR12 User master authorization values
  75. USR40 Table for illegal passwords
  76. USR41 User master- Additional data
  77. UST04 User masters
  78. VARIT Variant texts
  79. VARID Variant directory
  80. D010TAB Table for Use Report---Tables
  81. DD02L SAP tables
  82. DD02T R/3 DD- SAP table texts
  83. DD03L Table Fields
  84. DD03T DD- Texts for fields (language dependent)
  85. EDIDC IDOC Control Records
  86. EDIDOT Short description of IDoc types
  87. EDID2 IDOC segments (version 3.1)
  88. EDID4 IDOC segments (version 4.6)
  89. EDSEA EDI- Table of all segments of current release
  90. VRSX2 Central Table for Version Management (Report Source)
  91. TSE05 Can add parameters to the INSERT COMMAND (IC). Then, when you insert command, your info appears in the editor. Useful for comment blocks, common section of code, etc.
  92. CDPOS Change document items
  93. CDHDR Change document header
  94. T529A governs the foreground sequence of infotypes the system will use to prompt the user during online and batch processing. You will have to code your BDC to follow that sequence of creating infotypes.
  95. T588Z governs the dynamic event processing that will only take place during online user inputs. For BDC's you will have to create separate BDC's to handle any infotypes that are inserted dynamically by this table.
  96. T588M Infotype Screen Control

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